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Florida Shade Trees

Florida Shade Trees at Hazeltine Nurseries

Our collection of shade trees bring cooling shade, shelter, beauty & community ecology.

The shade trees called Bald Cypress will live for hundreds of years. They can enhance the aesthetics and stormwater drainage. People in both urban and rural areas can benefit. The Red Maple shade tree can live up to150 years and at the same time is tolerant of drought. The red maple is a used as a food source by several forms of wildlife such as butterflies utilizing the leaves as food.
The Florida Black Olive Tree makes a wonderful and very large shade tree that needs a great deal of room at maturity. It has the appearance of a large Umbrella and delightfully shelter one from drops of rain in park area or pathway.
The sizzling, violet blue floral blossoms grabs your attention like eye candy. From April to June the Jacuaranda tree covers itself with showy shaped trumpet shaped flowers truly beauty at its best.
South Florida Slash Pine is an evergreen conifer that has relatively long needles witha thick plate-like bark growing 60-100 feet. Some birds such as the Bald Eagle and the endangered Red-Cockaded Woodpecker nest in the slash pines.
The popular shade tree gumbo-limbo is used in backyard, patios or along streets and highways. It readily sprouts from branches stuck into the ground and is sometimes used to plant natural, living fences. It is also considered one of the most wind-tolerant trees in South Florida and is recommended as an investment as a good hurricane-resistant tree
  At our Garden Center we also have magificent Magnolia Trees, Ligustrum trees showey fragrant white clusters, the brilliant scarlet orange or yellow Poinciana tree, the popular Live Oak and Sweet Gum.